We heart Reykjavik

Betsy and I spent Day 2 exploring Reykjavik with the boys in the ergo carriers while Pete and Al went fly fishing!

1-Te and Kaffe 2-eyelashes

First stop: Chili Mocha Latte from Te & Kaffe

3-Harpa 4-Laugarvegar

These blue sky pictures were from another day.  We stayed on the outskirts of Reykjavik, so we walked into town a few times.  L-Harpa concert hall, R-the main shopping street (I love this “blue steel” look!)  Not pictured is Kolaportið flea market because it was so underwhelming for us.  Definitely not worth skipping the town of Hveragerði to get back before closing time on Day 5.

5-polar bear 6-baejarns bestu

Shake his hand, Timmy!  //  Famous Baejarins Bestu pylsurs

7-sun voyager 8-sculpture garden

Sun Voyager sculpture // Einar Jónsson sculpture garden

9-puffin 10-lake tjornin

Betsy DID get to see a puffin!  //  Lake Tjörnin

11-halls floor 12-hallsgrimskirkja

Hallgrímskirkja–immense, impressive, loved it

13-halls door 14-view from halls

Main doors  //  Viewing Reykjavik from the top

15-view of perlan 16-perlan

View of Perlan from Hallgrímskirkja  //  At Perlan

19 17-view of halls

View of Hallgrímskirkja from Perlan’s viewing deck

18 20

Watching the sunset…


and the city lights come on

The day before we left, Betsy and I were recommended this blog post of sample day trip itineraries from Reykjavik: http://www.iheartreykjavik.net/2013/03/reykjavik-basics-comfortable-day-tours-from-reykjavik/

We were absolutely delighted to discover that these were the exact itineraries we had already planned and mapped out!!!  With the exception that we planned to go all the way out to Jökulsárlón and staying one night there (which she also says to do if you are going so far out!)  We read through iheartreykjavik’s other posts and added a few of her local stops to our list.  For most of the trip, you could hear us discussing in the backseat, “well, iheartreykjavik said…” and her blog even helped Pete find a grocery store once we were there!

**Update on the previous post: I thought I heard Pete and Al saying that they heard people from the bus commenting on our babies…but they didn’t (they were just speculating when they saw people from our flight).  I feel much better about it now!


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