Black Fall

We accidentally took the challenging path on our hike to Svartifoss waterfall in Vatnajökull National Park.  It was worth it!

hike1 Magnusafoss

Smaller waterfalls en route–this one is Magnusafoss.  Beautiful, but we really hoped it wasn’t the waterfall, the “black fall” we had read so much about.

foggy water bottle

Sudden fog descends  //  Water break


We made it!  Svartifoss, surrounded by black basalt columns

Teddy scars svartifoss

Teddy gets bitten in the face by gravel.  They don’t know how to move in snow pants!

hike grass Timmy

And this is Timmy right before he fell on his head.

hike to glacier

Much to our dismay, the cafe at the visitor center was closed…fueled by granola bars, we forged on to get up close to the glacier.


Picturing Bruce Wayne training on these glaciers: Skaftafellsjökull and Svínafellsjökull (where Batman Begins was filmed)

It was a long drive from Reykjavik to Skaftafell, and I could not resist taking pictures of lava rock formations, waterfalls, mountains, and glaciers through the back window of the car.  Our dining plans were thwarted twice (at Skaftafell National Park and then at Jökulsárlón with the broken waffle machine!) but we finally found food and rest at Hali Country Hotel and it felt amazing.


drive 7

Nice summary by Al of the changing weather on our drive…sorry we all fell asleep, Pete!


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