How do you pronounce that?

A “light” drive was in order after our South side adventures, so we did the “Golden Circle” loop.  One perk of traveling in October is the very light crowd.  We started out early enough in the morning that we found the first visitor center closed, but we managed to stay ahead of the tourbuses the whole time!

1-Pingvellir 2-Pingvellir 3-Pingvellir

First stop: Þingvellir rift valley.  The Þ sounds like “th” as in “thin.”  It was a beautiful, blue-sky day, but SO COLD!  We didn’t let the boys out of the car for very long, or at all (if they were napping)  Nice scabs, Teddy!

4-Geysir 5-Geysir Konungshver

This is the geyser “Strokkur” at the Geysir Hot Springs Area.  We became experts on the continuous shutter function on our cameras and phones, and our fingers froze in between eruptions.  There were a bunch of hot springs, too, and this blue one is Konungshver.

7-Gulfoss 6-Gulfoss soup

Of course, a waterfall: Gulfoss is an enormous, two-tiered one.  None of our pictures captured the scale of it, but in this one, there’s a tiny bit of rainbow to the left of the waterfall.  The mist froze to the surrounding rock!  The visitor center’s lamb soup with free refills warmed us right up.  They even let me take two (refillable) bowls to the car for me and Pete to eat while the babies slept in the car.  (So yes, it warmed us up and then we froze to get the refills…haha…I guess that’s why we needed three refills.)

8-Kerid Crater 9-Kerid

Kerið Crater.  Now, this ð sounds like “th” as in “lather.”  (I’m not sure how this differs from the pronounciation of Þ…)  Betsy is standing on that little point on the high side of the crater’s ridge.  It’s finally not super cold anymore, so we let the boys run around the parking lot a bit.  They didn’t see the crater, or would have probably jumped in for a swim!

10-Lava tube 11-Lava tube 12-Lava tube

Raufarhólshellir Lava Tube, another thank you to Bonnie’s itinerary.  It was amazing.  Pete felt like Gollum (picture omitted).  This country is a one-of-a-kind place.

13-stroller outside 14-people watching 15-C is for cookie

We went back to Reykjavik for the aforementioned underwhelming flea market (do not imagine “Camden Market” in London or “Eastern Market” in DC or even the night markets of Taiwan, but rather a conglomeration of people’s yard sales.  But yes, there is fermented shark there, which is unique)  People DO leave babies in unattended strollers on the sidewalk!  This is at a darling cafe, “C is for Cookie” where the boys people watched and we rested our feet.  It was super baby-friendly, with a very clean changing station set up in the bathroom.  Oh, how the priorities have shifted… 🙂


3 thoughts on “How do you pronounce that?

  1. ð is voiced, which means you feel a vibration if you put your hand on your throat while saying it. It’s more like the “th” in an American “the.” Þ is unvoiced, so you shouldn’t feel anything if you put your hand on your throat while you say it.

    I love the flea market, but I can see where it would not appeal if you’re out sightseeing. I go for the cheap used clothes in the corners and the fish market. My Saturday ritual now is to go first thing to the flea market for fresh fish and bacon for the week (and the amazing pancakes from the Selfoss bakery). Lastly, love that you mentioned Eastern Market, since I’m from the DC area!

    • Thank you for such a great explanation about the pronounciations! It makes sense to me now!

      I did feel bad about bashing the market. If I was a local, I bet I would go every weekend like you do. We’re from DC, too!!

      I am really enjoying your blog, I feel like I get to see all the things that we didn’t have time to do while we were there. 🙂

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