Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Part I

For Day 6, Betsy and I planned a roadtrip around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, about a 2 hour drive to get to.  We mapped out locations on the GPS and wrote down as many addresses for restaurants as we could find!  Not many places were open in October, and we felt like we had the place to ourselves.

1-D6-1 Rift 4-D6-1 Snaefellsjokull

Rauðfeldsgjá rift  //  A closer view of Snæfellsjökull from outside Songhellir cave.  I think it looks like a delicious merengue.

3-D6-1 Songhellir 3-D6-1 cave troll

We finally found Songhellir cave…we drove up the mountain on gravel for half a mile and could take the minivan no further.  There was a sign at the base of the mountain, so we were sure the cave was somewhere close!  Pete and I hiked up another 1/2 mile before finding it.  It lived up to its echoey expectations.  🙂  I made Pete, the cave troll, check if the other caves echoed, too…they don’t.

5-D6-1 Arnarstapi 6-D6-1 Arnar

Arnarstapi, playing at a rock sculpture for Barður.

7-D6-1 Arnarstapi arch rock 8-D6-1 Crater from Hellnar

Gatklettur Arch Rock at Arnarstapi  //  Búðaklettur crater

9-D6-1 Hellnar 3 10-D6-1 Hellnar 2

Based on the websites, it looked like the Gestastofa (visitor center) at Hellnar would be open and have food, although the restaurant Fjoruhusid would be closed.  But the Gestastofa was closed.  We inquired at Hotel Hellnar and were sent down the hill to Fjoruhusid, but that was also closed.  And Hotel Hellnar was only open for dinner.

11-D6-1 Hellnar anchor 16-D6-1 Hellnar

No worries, though.  We were smart enough to bring sandwich supplies this time!!  We put the backseats down and the boys had a blast running around in the back of the van and playing peekaboo through the windows.  We had a lovely panoramic view, and we hardly saw another car for most of the morning.

17-D6-1 Pete 2 15-D6-1 Hellnar Pete

It was a gorgeous day–jackets off!!

13-D6-1 Hellnar Flying Baby 12-D6-1 Hellnar Flying Baby 2

Flying babies.  Teddy still has his cracker!


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