Stop the car! Snaefellsnes, Part II

We spent the rest of the day getting in and out of the car to take pictures of the incredible landscape.

1-Rocks at Londrangur 2-Grundarfjorur

Rocks at Londrangur  //  Ever-changing views of Snaefellsnes peninsula

3-Olafsvik church 2-Olafsvik waterfall

A very triangular church and Bæjarfoss waterfall in Ólafsvík

4-Kirkjufell Mountain 5-Kirkjufellfoss

Kirkjufell Mountain and Kirkjufellfoss

6-Kirkjufellfoss 7-Grundarfjorour

Silky shot…and back to the car, it’s getting cold!

9-Stykkisholmur church 8-Stykkisholmur

Boat-inspired church building and harbor in Stykkisholmur

10-Couch potato 11-sunset day 6

Silence is golden…so is “Word World” on the iPad mini and a huge bag of veggie straws.  Couch potato Teddy has almost finished his!


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