Snow! In Iceland! In October!

It snowed!!  Betsy and I had signed up to go horseback riding with “The Icelandic Horse” but it was cancelled: “Walking in the snow is like walking on high heels for the horse.”  So we asked if we could go horseback riding the following day (before leaving for the airport), and Betsy and I switched Day 7 and Day 8’s morning plans.

1-Day 7 4-Christmas

Betsy and Al explored the university in Reykjavik and Lake Tjornin, while Pete and I took the boys to the Orkusyn Geothermal Energy Exhibition at Hellisheiði Power Station, the largest geothermal power station in the world.  The way Iceland utilizes geothermal energy is amazing!  The weather that whole week (Oct 1-8) felt like November back home…and the snow on these trees made me feel like Christmas was around the corner.

2-Orkusyn 3-Orkusyn

Picture with the geothermal turbines  //  Teddy through the window

Lake Tjornin Lake Tjornin 2

Lake Tjornin in Reykjavik

Rub 23 Mosfellsbaer yarn

We did some quick shopping (lava-rock beads, reindeer-horn buttons, used book about the Icelandic parliament in Icelandic, knit hats and T-shirts) in Reykjavik and had sushi at Rub 23.  First stop on Day 7’s roadtrip was Alafoss, a yarn outlet in Mosfellsbaer.  I also picked up a bag of wool fiber to felt.

5-Playground 6-Borgarnes

Next stop: Borgarnes.  We couldn’t find Bjössaróló playground, which was intriguingly made up of reused materials…supposedly.  All we found was a pile of brightly colored rocks… did they take it down for the winter?  The sign was still there, so I’m sure we were in the right place.

7-Borgarnes 9-Astapungar

Spectacular views from various points in Borgarnes.  The Ljómalind market was also closed, although its FB page led us to believe otherwise.  Next, we couldn’t find the Geirabakarí bakery, but Betsy was determined not to strike out on our 3rd POI in Borgarnes, so she went into a gas station to ask–she got directions AND compliments on her boots, “perfect for Iceland’s weather!”  IHeartReykjavik’s Ástapungar recommendation at the bakery was on point!

10-Deildartunguhver 11-Deildartunguhver

Deildartunguhver, the largest hot spring in Iceland and Europe.  It pumps 180 liters/second of hot water, and that hot water is piped to neighboring towns and greenhouses!

12-Reykholt 13-Icelandic Horses

Church in the town of Reykholt  //  Pictures by the side of the road in case we didn’t get our horse ride


We passed another car going the opposite way that was just stopped in the middle of the road, taking a picture.  When we saw the view he was capturing of the sun over Reykholt, we stopped our car right there in the middle of the road and took pictures, too!  Except for the closed restaurants, we loved feeling like we had Iceland to ourselves!

15-Hraunfossar  16-Hraunfossar

Hraunfossar, such a gorgeous waterfall–blue glacier water literally coming out of the lava rock, surrounded by fall foliage.

18-Barnafoss 19-Barnafoss 20-Barnafoss

Barnafoss, “Children’s Waterfall,” got its name from two kids who drowned here while crossing a lava-rock bridge over the raging water.  We held on to our boys pretty tightly going over the little wooden bridge!


Hraunfossar at sunset


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