Icelandic Horseback Riding & flight home

We were thrilled to go horseback riding on our last half-day, depsite the snow.

Joi Fel 2 Joi Fel

But first, the bakery, Joi Fel, by our home base apartment rental…mmmm…

Jamie helmet Betsy helmet horse butts

“The Icelandic Horse” deserves its #1 Tripadvisor rating–the tour guide, Begga, taught us all about the icelandic horse and the Tölt gait before we started, and then showed us all sorts of geological formations while on the tour.

Betsy with horse Jamie with horse both horses

Icelandic Horses are not ponies.  They’re such nice horses, and the right size for me!

Jamie horse Betsy horse

Our horses’ names were real tongue twisters, and spelled nothing like they are pronounced (for us Americans, that is)!  I am riding Styrnir and Betsy is riding Gaukur.

downhill slow horse

We went down some really steep hills, single-file!  I could’ve sworn that Styrnir had a pebble in his shoe…or something…about halfway through the ride, I couldn’t for the life of me get him to go any faster!  The only reason someone is behind me is that she’s the other guide, and she was yelling at Styrnir, too!  I’m sure it was user error.  😛

Tolt gait Tolt 2

Here we are doing the Tölt gait!

Te and Kaffe Icelandic santa

Quick stop at home and in town for Te & Kaffe (10th one free!!), to send ourselves postcards in the Icelandic Santa box, and to do more last minute shopping, and we were off to the airport!

Keflavik Airport plane home Icelandair pillow

We had a really good feeling about the flight home.  It was great!  They played for half the time (while it took me 3 hours to watch “The Blind Side”…I don’t know why I tried to, but I still teared up at the end)  And slept for the other half!


Back home safely, getting hungrier and hungrier while standing in the seemingly endless passport and customs lines, we were greeted by my parents, Josh & Sarah, and a huge pot of delicious curry chicken!!


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