Fall Fun

Catching up with the rest of October…  Pumpkins and petting zoos are pretty fun, even after an Iceland vacation!

Oct 16: Green Meadows Petting Farm in Frederick, where they had their first hayride.  That day’s “adventure” consisted of me mixing up the addresses while entering it into the GPS, so we ended up going to the Petting Farm before Costco instead of afterwards.  Oops, at least Sarah was able to move her eye appointment to the afternoon!  This was our first time to the petting farm and there were a LOT of animals, some free roaming, and a cow they showed you how to milk (poor cow!)

Green Meadows Farm Hay Mow Tractor


Timmy didn’t want to touch any of the animals until the end, when he reached out for a small furry black bunny.

Oct 19: Fall Festival at Butler’s Orchard with our twin friends.  All three of us misread the brochure and arrived at 9:30 but it actually opened at 10:00.  So in all of our walking and chatting between cars, one of my twins’ hoodies fell out of the minivan.  We didn’t realize it until after we had driven to the parking lot and couldn’t find it in the car.  Jenny ran back to the line of cars to look for it and brought it back with tire tracks on it, but it was none the worse for wear!

Mini Tractors

Ropes Course

Ropes courses already!

Butlers Orchard

Telling secrets!

Oct 19 was a double header; in the afternoon, we went to Homestead Farms with Ah-Gong and Ah-Poh:

Pumpkin Patch Homestead

On the hayride, Teddy looks out longingly as we ride past pumpkin patches

Ah Gong Family

Timmy will show you the way to the best pumpkins

Llama and goat

Fuzzy Friends


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