The plan was to catch up to Christmas BY Christmas, but clearly I’m stuck in costume cuteness.  I’ll get there in a month or so… 🙂

1-two lions 3-piano 2-giraffe

I found two lion costumes at the consignment sale, but after I thought about it, I felt that it was unfair for one to have such a cool headpiece that included the lion’s face and for the other to just have the mane (and there is no way I could apply face paint well enough to match that!)  So, I bought a giraffe costume!  But alas, the giraffe head was really flat, like a pancake….hmmm….so Sarah and I ripped out and pinned strategically and stuffed that giraffe nose full of cotton balls!  See the difference? (Before-picture above, After-picture below)

4-decorating pumpkins 5-rio 6-slide

Here we are at “Spooky Tots” at the Washingtonian Center on Oct 30, decorating a pumpkin with Ah-Poh and playing with our dino friend!

7-playground 8-playgr2

I was going to take the costumes off for the Washingtonian Center playground, but the pictures were just too cute!

9-teddy giraffe 10-trick or treat 11-timmy lion

On the 31st: Strapped in the stroller and ready to trick-or-treat!

12-window 13-salmon

This is how we greeted our neighbors, peeking through their bottom window.  Lions eat smoked salmon, right?

14-lion push 15-giraffe push

We take turns pushing each other in the Cozy Coupe!

16-tight squeeze 17-wrestling

Not for long… I’ll wrestle you for it!



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