Tree Lighting #1 and Thanksgiving

1-Rio Santa 3-Pete and boys 2-Rio Tree

Nov 22-Tree lighting at the Washingtonian Center!  It was close to the boys’ bedtime and the lines were really long for balloons, meeting Santa (although I happened to be practically in his face as he got off the sleigh), and horse & carriage rides, so we didn’t hang around after the tree lights came on.

4-Daddy 5-Thanksgiving 6-Mommy

Thanksgiving with extended family.  Every year, we join hands and go around the circle, saying what we’re thankful for.

7-Iron Man 8-Game

Wait…Timmy’s reading the directions to see if you’re playing “Set” correctly!  Teddy, you go next!

10-Teddy and AhPoh 9-Teddy closeup 11-Teddy

Teddy, the ladies man!  Of course, he had to get his face scraped up the day before Thanksgiving by tripping over and falling face-first onto an Easter basket. (what?  yeah, an easter basket)

13-friends from HS 12-Kids

Our annual gathering of friends who are in town.  It’s a mini high school reunion every year, and now, with kids!

black friday shopping

My first (and last?) year joining in the Black Friday shopping (not everyone is pictured because this was taken at 3 AM).  I was determined to keep up with my pregnant friend (who was also my ride)…I barely hung on!  Here are some tips: leave your coat in the car, wear lighter shoes and not wool socks, and rearrange purchases in a lighter knapsack instead of hanging on to oversized paper bags.  *Definitely not a good idea to try to break in the shoes you just bought, unless you also just bought moleskin!*


Happy Thanksgiving!




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