Mini Projects

I call these “mini” projects because the most recent large house project was blowing insulation into the crawl space beneath the roof!  I will be remembering that one for awhile, especially when it’s really cold outside but not inside!

1-necklaces For mom

For Christy Lava Bead Necklace

I made these necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with the lava rock beads from Iceland.  I’m still working on a few more for others 🙂  So, for the cost of one necklace/earring set, I bought enough beads to make 4-6 necklaces and earrings!  (The other beads and silver findings are from A.C. Moore).


The reindeer horn buttons went on my hat that I finished knitting while we were in Iceland.  It’s not what I made out of the wool from Icelandic sheep, though….

3-sweater 4-sweater2

I finished the first sweater while we were in Vermont for Christmas.  I’m working on the 2nd (the gray and blue are reversed)…I need to finish before spring, because the sweaters will be too small next winter!  I had to scale the pattern waaaay down, but, in case you’re wondering, it’s the 20th Anniversary sweater pattern on the store’s website:  Now, about that bag of Icelandic wool fiber I bought:

5-sheep1 6-sheep3

Bonnie and I learned how to felt, thanks to Martha Stewart:  Martha really does know what she’s talking about!  We tried to get away with using plastic Easter eggs inside (yup, that’s why the Easter basket that scraped Teddy’s face was in play), but styrofoam works a lot better.  Also, stockings were necessary for the felting process, and trying to cut the cinnamon sticks was almost a disaster (they’re really hard), so we figured that that is the reason Martha’s sheep’s cinnamon stick legs are so long!

7-sheep2 8-Gulfoss sheep

Betsy worked some magic with a needle to make the sheep smile, and here are the final sheep in the 1st picture (some are ornaments–those aren’t price tags but tags that say “Iceland 2013”), modeled after the ones at the Gulfoss giftshop in Iceland in the 2nd picture (with hefty price tags, which is why we made our own).  A pretty good likeness, right?

9-journal for ivy 10-journal for ivy

Okay, a non-Iceland related project from the fall.  I was cleaning out and had a lot of stationary that I didn’t know what to do with, so with the help of Design Sponge, I made journals!  The covers are cut out of thicker 12×12 scrapbooking paper and glued to the binding on the inside.

11-journal for girls 12-journal for girls 2

I made these two for my teenage cousins, using Sizzix die-cuts for the lettering.

diy project: recycled scrap paper notebooks

welding1 welding2

And this is what Pete has been up to on Saturday mornings this fall–WELDING!!


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