In Search of Santa, Tree lighting #2

We don’t like to make Santa a huge deal, but Ivy and I passed one at Lakeforest Mall while I was getting their Christmas pajamas.  It was early enough that there was no line, but the lowest picture package was $20 for one 5×7 and two 3.5×5, so I passed on that one.

mall1 mall2

No, that’s not santa.  It’s a giant beaver from “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.”  Or maybe it’s a porcupine?


Rockville Town Square on December 5.  Tree Lighting #2!  We stood in line this time for a free picture with Santa but after 45 minutes in a very long, slow-moving line, we gave up.  In the meantime, the boys were amused watching the horse and carriage rides going up and down the street, and my mom and Sarah took them to watch ice skaters up close on the rink.

santa1 santa2 santa3

In the least expected of places, Santa was at our neighbor’s open house!  Timmy was not a fan of a young, non-bearded Santa, and refused to be bribed by a candy cane (what’s candy?  they haven’t had any yet!)


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