Cabin John Kids

We’ve been reading all about snow and snowmen, so they were very excited to meet one!

snowman1 snowman2

They ran right up to it and introduced themselves.  (This was outside our friend’s house on Dec 16, after the first snow)

cabin john1 cabin john4 cabin john2

Dec 20: This is at a Cabin John Kids event, “Shake Your Sillies with Tracey Eldridge.”  I’m nervous to go to these things by myself in case they wander off in opposite directions, so Ivy came with me on one of her vacation days.  I shouldn’t have worried, though, because they stuck to us like glue and wouldn’t even participate when she got out the parachute (I love the parachute)!  They warmed up by the end when she got out animal finger puppets.  Next time I’ll try to be early so we’re not on the outskirts, and maybe I’ll take them by myself!

Old Town 1 Old Town 2 work party

Later that night, we went to Pete’s office Christmas party in Old Town Alexandria.  I got out of the house twice in one day, and even dressed up?!  All thanks to Auntie Sarah 🙂


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