Christmas Traditions

A new Christmas tradition: PJs for all this year!  (Theme: things we did/saw in Iceland)

family christmas Fam Christmas PJs

Getting a picture is like trying to herd cats!  But we were persistent (thanks, Sarah!) and finally got one.

christmas pjs TNT

Matching TNT shirts, fun gift from Sarah 🙂 Go team TNT!

Another new Christmas tradition–Family party!  (a little late…more like a Twelfth Night party, since it was on Jan 5th).  Menu this year: BBQ Pork Ribs, Mexican Shredded Beef Wraps, & Salad.

aunties cousin1 cousin2 cousin3

And this is how you sauté a lion! (I need to buy some play food!)

 fair isle dyakcraft

We ❤ Dyakcraft knitting needles!  We’re both working on Fair Isle patterns.

presents from NC

Gifts from cousins in North Carolina.  I can tell TNT will really like Superheroes!

slide timmy slide teddy play kitchen

Our latest and greatest preowned play sets, all for $100!


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