Music Together & Potomac UMC playground

We started our first class, ever!

Music class

“Music Together,” started Jan 6.  That’s not how we play sticks, Timmy…

double slides climbing tube

Pete joined us on MLK day, and afterwards we played at the playground outside that belongs to the Potomac United Methodist church.  They’d been eyeing it every week after class, but there were always kids having recess there who weren’t there on MLK day!  Our perfect opportunity 🙂

 sticks rhythm with ah poh rhythm with ah gong

Feb 10: they’ve stopped clinging to me and really feel like they’re part of the group!  Bonus: Ah Poh and Ah Gong showed up towards the end.  I felt strange having an empty lap for so much of the class…

up the nose

Okay, how could I not include this priceless moment?  (Don’t worry, everything gets disinfected)


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