Romp n Roll


Jan 11: Tried my second Barre workout of the week with friends; two free trial classes at two different studios!

Romp n Roll Romp n Roll bubbles

My little cousin’s 3rd birthday at “Romp n’ Roll” up in Germantown.  We were super late because they napped so long that we broke the cardinal rule of nap time and woke them up.  They were really zoned out for playtime, even when the bubble machine was turned on!

Romp n Roll bball1 Romp n Roll bball2

These balls were the exact same as what we used in the Barre classes (except these were not clean and new).

Romp n Roll cousins Romp n Roll balloon Romp n Roll pizza

This is the first time they’ve sat at the kids birthday table!!!  And had their first juice boxes!  They sat the whole time, constantly glancing up at the balloons tied to the backs of their chairs.  Maybe we’ll do a free trial class here sometime and see if they like romping and rolling.

We returned home in a storm which knocked out our power, but Ah-Poh managed to babysit them by flashlight and even them to sleep while we went to a concert in Baltimore.


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