Bounce U

I usually only post pictures of our first time at a particular activity, but since they were too small to actually DO anything last year when they were only 10 months old, here are some pictures of a fun birthday party at Bounce U on February 15:

bounce u teddy bounce

They weren’t sure if they wanted to go into the moon bounce, but there were balls in there, so that convinced them!

both bounce timmy bounce

Timmy’s trying to give the ball to Pete through the netting.

bounce u slide bounce u slide 2

Huge slide, I think it took the wind out of Daddy, too!

slide teddy teddy slide 3 slide teddy 2

There is a huge wall to climb up to get to the top of the slide and Pete needed the Bounce U supervisor to help him get both kids to the top.  (Thank goodness the guy went around and helped Pete, because I was waiting with the camera on the other side, wondering where my boys were!)  Pete took them separately after that, and Teddy went two more times!  On the other hand, Timmy started saying “no no no” and walking away, so we didn’t make him slide again.


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