January/February Fun

Random fun pictures from January and February, in no particular order (too much effort to put in chronological order)

ab work

Timmy’s reading AND getting an abs workout.  Mommy likes the multitasking!

double sports

Teddy’s favorite two PJs are the sports-themed ones, and on that particular night, he wanted to wear both!  We indulged him for 10 minutes (good thing the second pair was footless!)

dolly stroller

Sitting in the dolly’s stroller in the playroom at church, just for a moment.  I like how Timmy’s holding the dolly in his lap.


Teddy really likes to build; he did this all by himself!

feeding time

Timmy, too close!  I’m sure Dexter does not appreciate the scrutiny while eating dinner.

fishing fishing2

Pete found an old fishing rod while cleaning out.


I discovered that Giant has these two-seater cars attached to the carts.  Plus, the carts themselves have two seats at the top!  I’ll probably never take the twins to Safeway again, I’m a convert!  We need one of these two-seater cars at home…


I can never tell who got in first because Teddy sometimes goes in through the window 🙂

jailbreak jailbreak closeup

Yup, Teddy’s always trying something new.  He graduated from clinging to the rail to sitting on top of the two adjacent side rails.  Nowadays, he drops right over the railing, opens the nursery door, and hollers at the gate to be rescued in the morning!


Musical instruments are a big hit with TNT, toy instruments and real ones…


Although they will share with each other, they don’t like to share with their friends.  Timmy, the piano is big enough for two!  This was the first playdate after a big gap in playdates due to the weather/sickness/etc, so they’ve improved since then.


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