Interesting Seesaws

3/11: While Uncle Joshua was home, we checked out a park in the Kentlands.  This truck was their favorite thing there!

Kentlands Truck Bouncing

rose glasses Kentlands truck3 Kentlands truck2

I love how Timmy is looking at Joshua here.  Eventually, we got them to play elsewhere.  (And the little girl returned for her cool pink glasses, too.)

Kent slide1 Kent slide2 Kentlands climbing2

Teddy, Teddy, and more Teddy.  This child is “all boy!”  He climbed up to the third square by himself (I have it on video!), and only got scared when Joshua joined him to help him the rest of the way!

Kent Seesaw2

Very interesting seesaw!  I couldn’t take pictures of it, but all 4 of us were on at one point, two adult-child pairs going diagonally.  Afterwards, we went to Thai-tanium (henceforth known as “Platinum Thai,” a new Josh-ism), and they were surprisingly well behaved!

Platinum Thai

3/14: We went to a smaller park in Lakelands with cousins and our twin friends:

Ice Cream Lakelands Park

I was told ice cream was for sale but I never got any!

Lakelands1 Lakelands2

Look at how these little boys run.  Always in action!  (except for Teddy, I guess he only goes down big slides)

Lakelands slide3 Lakelands swing

Note to self: the twins are now too big to put in one basket swing, back-to-back.  Timmy’s still upset with me.  😉

Lakelands woodchips

How quickly our attention turns to wood chips!  Actually, this was after an hour, so I’ll chalk it up to boredom rather than affinity for dirt.  And, finally, here is the fun four-seater seesaw at Lakelands Park, and a decent picture of all of us!

Lakelands seesaw2Lakelands seesaw3Lakelands seesaw



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