Icelandic Sweaters

Icelandic sweaters, finally all finished on Feb 15!  Here’s one person grateful for the strangely cold and snowy weather into late March–the sweaters got worn enough to my satisfaction (lesson learned: if I knit them anything for next year, I’ll have to start…now!)

no neck static Timmy1

You can tell that the blue sweater has no shoulders because I didn’t modify the decreases when scaling down the pattern.  So…I figured it out for the gray sweater and then went back to fix the blue one (done on March 1):

sweaters sweaters2

You can tell this is before their haircuts!

Timmy Teddy2

with hat1 with hat 2

taking notes

Rifling through mommy’s purse and taking notes.


Giving tickles, saying “gaggle, gaggle.”


One thought on “Icelandic Sweaters

  1. that’s amazing! you’re awesome =) and if you ever move here, you can wear your sweaters most of the year round.. 😉

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