March pics

stacking teaparty

Trying to fit a drawer’s worth of tupperware on the stool  // Enjoying a spot of tea in their little friend’s little house.

 vacuum hallway mar 11

This is how we do it: with mittens and around the back!  //  I think they’re asking for naptime in the hallway?

pot of gold mar 18 snow mar 18

We found dinner at the end of the rainbow! (they did that themselves)  //  Can’t believe it snowed in Mid-March!

deer mar 21 lotion mar 21

Found the deer in the front yard while “helping” Dad mulch the azaleas!  //  How Ivy keeps them quiet at the mall–they’re giving her a facial with lotion

stethoscope2 stethoscope dog mar 30 makeup mar 30

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, why did it snow on March 30th?  We still had fun indoors at Millie’s bday party!


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