Mommy & Me, Congressional Plaza

Well, our routine has settled into the same old story time at various libraries, Rio Little Tots, and playdates, so with not much new to post, I am finally catching up!  One new event we tried was  Mommy & Me at Congressional Plaza on April 10 (see?  Nine days ago!)

Storytime Easter Baskets

First, story time at “Child’s Play,” then free Easter baskets from outside Hallmark.

balloon lady Balloons

The line for balloons was not long!  We got balloon flowers with sprinkles in the middle balloon that rattled around.  The balloons tended to pop especially upon contact with the sharp sidewalk, so putting sprinkles inside was a very clever and biodegradable idea!

walking with stroller Guitar Lady dancing

Our little friend is walking with the stroller!  It made us especially wide as we went down the sidewalk 🙂  The lady singing children’s songs in the breezeway went for an hour!!  (and you could buy her CDs, right over there…)

I don’t know if you noticed, but we got an amazing stroller, a Baby Jogger City Mini Double, at the latest MCPOM consignment sale with a bunch of extras (rain cover, parent console, belly bar, two trays, purse hook).  Amazon’s retail price is between $360 and $500 depending on how high-maintenance you are, and we got it for less than 50% (I know, it’s still wrong to be prideful about being low-maintenance, but I am pretty pleased).  The world is my oyster, I can go anywhere!  Just in time for mud season in Vermont, stay tuned…


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