Story time at VT libraries

With Pete working from home (in Vermont) every day, I drove the kids out every day to various activities!  It was my first time driving up there, but at least there wasn’t snow on the ground (until Wed, that is!)  On Monday, we went to story time at the “Normal Williams Library” in Woodstock, which is in a really beautiful building:

WL outside

The basement of the library was dedicated to kids books, and had tables dedicated to various kid toys, like a dollhouse, duplos, and train set.  There were paper projects of flowers and birds hung from the ceiling and big stuffed animals all over the shelves.  The librarian was really friendly, too.  The other kids at story time were three toddler girls with their dads…very interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever seen dads at story time during the week!

WL bubbles WL beanbag

Bubbles and beanbag chairs!  YES!

W cong church W cov bridge

Walked around town a bit, saw the church we attended while in college, the First Congregational Church of Woodstock, and managed to get a picture of all of us with the covered bridge.

HL Lib

Tuesday: Hartland Library story time with Nan.  There was a fun project afterwards, painting egg shapes with dyed condensed milk.

HL Lib 2 HL Lib 3

What, there are other colors?  The boys were a little disturbed by their sticky hands, but overall it wasn’t a mess.

HF lib 1

Thurdsay: Hartford Library is another one with the whole kids section downstairs.  The stairwell had a beautifully painted mural with all sorts of quotes from kids books, very poignant.  We met our cousins and family friends here.

HF Lib HF lib 1

My kids faded a few pages into the third book, “Peter Rabbit” (they did at home, too), so we played with a very interesting mailbox toy and did some coloring in the back.

HF Lib 2 HF Lib cookies

And then there was an Easter egg hunt and special snack!


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