In the afternoons after Pete stopped working and the twins woke from their naps in the car (they always fell asleep in their carseats on the way home from wherever we had gone that morning) we’d all go out together!

LV Train 3

LaValley’s has an amazing model train setup!

LV Train 1

I really appreciated the low windows so they could see the trains whizzing by.

LV Train 2 LV Train button

They quickly found the buttons to start various trains!  (Teddy, my little engineer)  And then afterwards, we went to WalMart to get them rain boots (the aforementioned rain that turned to snow), and I found little sports outfits for their birthday party.

On the first Sunday we were in VT, I really wanted the homemade ice cream sold at Quechee Gorge Village… and to show the kids the train display downstairs, of course!  Pete thought the display was upstairs, but it was actually the Vermont Toy Museum (someone’s personal collection-turned-museum!)

Q antique toy 1 Q Antique toy 3 Q antique toy 2

 Q Train

We finally made our way down to see the train display.  It was really extensive, but none of the buttons worked, so we couldn’t get the trains to move!  I’m really glad we saw this display first, or it would have been so underwhelming after the other one!

Q Ice Cream

And finally, the ice cream parlor, waiting so patiently!  But they didn’t get any…it’s not time for their first ice cream yet!  What flavors did we get?  Coconut, of course (because it’s me).  And Maple Walnut, of course (because we’re in VT).  And chocolate mint cookie crunch or something ridiculous like that, and blackberry, I think?  It’s all good!


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