Animals in Woodstock

We went to Sugarbush Farms (Woodstock, VT) together one afternoon.  It was too warm on this particular day for them to boil the sap, but they were still sugaring with the crazy cold weather.  There was free cheese and syrup sampling and lots of cows to watch outside.

Sugarbush cow Sugarbush Sign Sugarbush sign 2

I’m not sure what is going on in this sign…two cows with a baby in the picnic basket that is holding maple syrup?

Sugarbush Sugaring

It was a very educational place, tons of signage about the whole sugaring process from sap to syrup.


That night, we had a visitor–a HUGE black bear!

On Saturday, we went to Baby Animal Day at Billings Farm (also Woodstock, VT) with Chad & Debby and nephews!   It’s not open until May 1st, except for this special event, so there were a lot of people there (but even more coming in when we left, so it was a good thing we got there when it opened!)

billings calf1 Billings baby ducks

billings lamb

And, in answer to my astute nephew’s question, there was a woman sitting right there who was knitting little lamb sweaters out of the mother’s wool, so cute!

Billings cows 2 Billings cow tongue

Can you believe Timmy did not freak out?  The calf was lapping his jacket!

billings horses billings wagon ride 2

We went on a wagon ride pulled by these beautiful horses.  And then we had ice cream, made from the milk of the cows on this farm (we have to support the cows, right?)  I had Heath Bar crunch and Pete had Maple Walnut, of course.


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