VT Finale

We had a few playdates with our cousins during the week and learned all about what it means to be a boy!

playtime 1 playtime 2

We did a little hiking at Quechee Gorge:

gorge 1 gorge 2

And Pete & I took them to the King Arthur Flour store and Dartmouth:

KAF KAF outdoor oven

The college decided to uncover the stained windows (“too Christian”) in 2006 but we hadn’t been in there since college days we so hadn’t seen them revealed.  They’re a beautiful work of art, and you can read more here: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~tucker/spiritual/rollins/windows/  There was a girl sitting at the front and I was worried that we were disturbing her solitude.  But a minute later, she got up, turned on Indian music, and started to dance with bells around her ankles.  Teddy looked down at his feet, wondering where his bells were!

Rollins Organ

Dartmouth with mommy Dartmouth with daddy

And as promised, a picture of mud season with the stroller (but the picture doesn’t do it justice):

mud season


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