Mothers and Fathers Day

I’ll admit it…after seeing my friend’s albums, I wished that I had taken the kids in for professional photo shoots at infancy, if not throughout.  So I insisted that we have a photo shoot in our yard on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day 1 Mother's Day 2

Mother's Day 3 Mother's Day 5

Teddy Timmy

Three boys

One pic with the photographer, of course!

MD 1 MD2 MD 3

My mother’s day gift to myself (doesn’t everyone make their own?)  Saw the picture on pinterest.


This is what I made for Pete’s father’s day gift (combined a few ideas from pinterest).  Day 1: spray cardboard with chalkboard paint; Day 2: make white boot prints; Day 3: do each child’s footprint, write poem with chalk, do rather difficult photo shoot involving both kids keeping their feet in Daddy’s large shoes (thanks for assisting, Ivy!) find appropriate paper to mat the picture; Day 4: breathe a sigh of relief that printer ink cartridges arrived the day before Father’s Day, print picture, and put it all back together.

DSC_0543 DSC_0558

First place and runner-up pictures


I accidentally bought flip flops that matched Pete’s shoes, which were a gift to complement the kids’ shoes, which are part of their ring bearer outfits.  Hawaii, here we come!  Packing lists have been made, excursions planned, itineraries set, confirmations printed, getting excited (but not for the 10-hour flight)


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