Aloha, Oahu!

We are just shy of 4,000 pictures and videos between us four friends (and there are still more friends to recruit pictures from), so I’ll just post pictures as I slowly sift through…  I do realize that they are in Christmas PJs, but don’t be confused: this trip did indeed take place in late June.  I guess the rest of their PJs were in the laundry (keeping it real), and we just kept on what they had when we woke them up for the airport.  (Quote from my mom: “You look like you can’t afford pajamas.”  Hey, if they still fit…I’m not shelving them!)

IMG_20140625_050317308 IMG_20140625_045455188 IMG_20140625_080155730

At the airport, using leash backpacks on loan from our twin friends.  TNT were good little troopers, especially at 4 AM, and even pulled their own suitcases!  We had a scary amount of luggage between the 5 adults and 2 kids…plus two carseats.  (We had to buy each of the twins their own seats on the plane since they are over age 2, and strapping them in carseats was a great way to contain them especially during takeoff and landing.)  We bought special luggage straps to attach each carseat to one piece of carry-on luggage so we could get through the airport a little more easily.


By God’s grace, we made it on to the plane, through the Atlanta layover, and the long 8-hour flight!  Why a layover in Atlanta?…oh wait, let me stop and brag for a sec: $488 roundtrip tickets (after all fees and taxes) to Oahu–you’d do a layover in Atlanta and then an 8-hour flight, too!!  Luckily for me, the boys wanted everyone except me.  Daddy was the most popular (poor guy, one in his lap and the other next to him in the carseat), then grandparents, and then Uncle Caleb, whose seat was far away for some reason.  I suspect he paid someone to switch while we weren’t looking, haha!

IMG_20140625_172910060_HDR DSC_0019

We finally figured out how to start our push-button-start rental car and made it to our VRBO rental in Honolulu; they did not lie about the view!  We wasted no time devouring watermelon and popping open a bottle of white wine (both courtesy of the deserving 5-star rated VRBO owner), and soaking in the hot tub.  A surprise visit from Sarah in her trial wedding makeup and hair really made our day!  The twins were in really good spirits, considering that they only slept 1-2 hours at the beginning of the long flight.  Timmy fell asleep and it was super difficult to wake him up for a bite of take-out lunch.


The view of Diamondhead crater was even better from upstairs.  Funny story: my parents and I chose a rental house from the same owner as Josh and his groomsmen…and it ended up being the same house!  They had the upstairs and we had the downstairs.  Translation: two hot tubs, two grills, two incredible views…party central!

I had an itinerary for the day we arrived (nothing crazy, just a few stops between the airport and the house), but a massive headache throughout the 8-hour plane ride continued to persist and rendered me nonfunctional for the rest of the day.  We did manage to get out for a big group dinner at Goma Tei Ramen at Ala Moana Center, the largest outdoor open air shopping center in the world.  I thought it looked like a huge parking garage with stores in the middle with a few areas where you could catch a glimpse of the sky….I must not have seen the pretty parts of the mall, or maybe the headache skewed my perception.


How to eat ramen, Timmy-style.  The middle of the noodle is the best part, don’t you know!?  How did Teddy like his noodles?  zzzzzzzzzzz……


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