While you were at Pearl Harbor

IMG_2441 IMG_2446 Daily Workout

We always have a fun time with Uncle Al and Auntie Betsy!  We helped Uncle Al with his workout,

DSC_0371 your turn DSC_0407 lounging

tried to give Teddy a workout, soaked in views of the double rainbow from the lanai,

DSC_0377 haircut IMG_2454 Feeding the Shark

gave baby a haircut, and fed the shark.  Meanwhile…

DSC_0046 big guns P1080012 Mighty Mo

P1080040 Arizona P1080044 selfie

DSC_0049 surrender

We took a tour of the USS Missouri, where the Japanese surrendered.  I was so impressed by all the numerical facts given by the tour guide but can’t remember any…check here for more info about the “mighty mo”: http://www.navy.mil/navydata/nav_legacy.asp?id=131

We had started this day bright and early, so it was only 10 AM when we met up with other people in the parking lot, did some car seat switching and seating rearrangements (keeping rental car drivers in the correct cars) and split up: me and twins to the Dole Plantation with the ladies, and Pete to the driving range and basketball with the men…pictures coming soon!


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