Pineapples, Shrimp Trucks and Waimea Beach

IMG_2455 Full Service IMG_20140626_130931931 pineapple

Full service transfer in the Pearl Harbor parking lot!!  Um, Kevin…these aren’t the snap-in, snap-out infant carrier car seats that you’re used to.  😉  On to Dole Plantation to meet up with Sarah and her friends:

Pineapple Whip photo 2

IMG_20140626_125512699 Ara IMG_20140626_121023120 Waiting

Waiting for the “choo choo”

pineapple express IMG_20140626_122805464 Hair

Baby has pineapple-inspired hair!  (It’s like this all the time–this is not wind or hair gel!)

IMG_20140626_143520776_HDR shrimp IMG_2468 Hungry

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck.  My guys did not like the garlic shrimp (more for me…) but they did like chasing the chickens around!

DSCF0054 sand 2 DSCF0019 Waimea Beach 1

Next stop, Waimea Beach: At first, they don’t like how the sand is dirty 😦  “I’ll watch from the safety of this rock”

DSCF0046 sand DSCF0024 splashing

But Curious George makes sand castles…  and splashing the clear water is fun, too!

DSCF0031 dog flips

The dog next to us goes CRAZY when people splash the water!  Very impressive flips!

DSCF0086 swimming DSCF0089 swimming 2

Now we’re having fun!!!

We hit rush hour traffic but made it home before the bachelorette dinner.  The twins were flipping out and I mentioned the only way I could leave them is if Pete was home.  Good thing I made that offhand comment, because I discovered that he WAS home!  Instead of playing basketball with everyone else, he and Caleb were hot-tubbing on the upstairs lanai, and bonding over the full double rainbow.

IMG_4617 double rainbow

We made it to the bachelorette dinner after all!  No pictures: what happens at the bachelorette dinner, stays at the bachelorette dinner!  😛

What did the guys do for the whole day?  They went shopping and ran wedding errands (we all had a good chuckle at these plans), went to the driving range and played basketball, returning to the house for a big bachelor BBQ into the wee hours.  I only have video of their athletics, so I’ll leave it to your imagination.


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