North Shore, ATV, and Rehearsal

Our first stop on the North Shore was Turtle Beach, but the turtles weren’t out.  They said to maybe come back around noon, but they couldn’t really make a prediction.  So half of us went on to Waimea Valley and the other half to Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck and Waimea Beach.

DSCF0183 chasing chickens DSCF0187 oh snap

Chasing chickens and trying to snap fingers at Waimea Valley.  Maybe he is trying to get the peacock to open up…

DSCF0192 peacock DSCF0181 peacock

But it didn’t.  It was still beautiful, and we followed it around, wanting to get close, but then not wanting to be too close.

DSCF0167 Hula

There was a hula dancing rehearsal or class going on that we watched from afar (see the shadowy figures?)  There were beautiful old trees and a stream that fed a waterfall somewhere in the park…  we didn’t actually make it into the park because there was great food, peacocks, hula, and scenery all for free outside the park!  Well, okay, the food wasn’t free.

IMG_20140627_122839687 Margaret DSCF0206 sea turtles

YAY, successful sighting of our first sea turtle(s)!  The other half of the group saw one in the water at Waimea Beach, too!  After that, the four of us were on our own with a short time to get to Kualoa Ranch and check in for our ATV ride.

DSCF0209 coconut DSCF0207

 On the drive east around the top of the island, we got fresh coconut juice, and made a quick stop to see Sunset Beach.  I also meant to take a quick dip at Shark’s Cove for snorkeling but I chickened out…I hadn’t broken in my snorkel equipment yet and I was unprepared to do so on my own!

DSCF0221 laie lookout

Laie Lookout (the hole was created by a tsunami in 1946, so much for gradual erosion)…almost there…and we had a little time to order TNT some lunch at the ranch before we went ATV-ing.

IMG_2506 ATV DSCF0232 ATV Jamie

DSCF0230 ATV ATV group

I have to re-watch “Jurassic Park,” I can hardly remember any of it but apparently this log was in it, and bigger at the time of filming 🙂


Found the LOST crew, now that’s something more recent that I can remember!

IMG_4643 George

 In the meantime, Curious George babysat TNT.  Just kidding, it was a joint effort with Uncle Caleb.  Thank youuuu….it wouldn’t have been possible without him, a last minute substitute for my plane-weary parents.

IMG_4649 horse DSCF0244 cows

Animals at Kualoa Ranch

IMG_4655 reception rehearsal

Reception area  //  How the rehearsal began…

DSCF0318 roughhousing

How the rehearsal ended…  with high hopes that their behavior couldn’t be any worse for the next day…

DSCF0320 H3 interstate

Took the gorgeous and slightly scary H-3 interstate home (connected to what other state?  don’t ask me!)  The highway was so elevated, it felt like we were flying in a narrow crevice between towering mountains of pleated folds.  Pete likens it to driving through the Swiss Alps.  Come to think of it, we were in a minivan for that ride, too, but a trip with kids is no big deal when you’re the aunt and uncle, not the parents!  Little did we know.

IMG_2508 rehearsal din

And that’s how we were able to enjoy a meal in peace at the rehearsal dinner at Uncle Bo’s.


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