Day 4: Hiking to the top of Diamondhead crater, and Josh & Sarah’s wedding!!!!

DSCF0324 Diamondhead

It’s been staring me in the face for three days now!  The morning of the wedding, we got up at 6 AM to hike Diamondhead.

 IMG_4671 hike IMG_20140628_081102225 Caleb IMG_2515 Guitar

It wasn’t a particularly challenging walk, but we were still grateful that Betsy and my parents watched the twins back at the house.

IMG_20140628_081753549 from the top

I’m happy we discovered that our phones could do panoramic pictures.  This is a view of the crater from the top.

DSC_0078 At the top DSC00411 group

IMG_2526 Black Cat P1080058 hair

We were home by 9 AM and then Betsy and I went into town to get our hair done and pick up poke for lunch.  I put a plumeria blossom from the tree at our house in my hairdo.

P1080052 sigh P1080059 george

We arrived at the wedding site 2 hours early for pre-wedding pictures.  Timmy did not want to wear his ring bearer clothes and insisted on keeping his former shirt around his neck.  They both melted down and only Curious George could calm them down, so instead of participating in pictures with the groomsmen and bridal party, they were either screaming or watching George.  It’s really sad for me, but I guess they are only two years old.

DSC_3337 family 10362785_10152134056885458_2739614924245955446_o

We were able to take these few family photos without George also being in the picture!  Guests started to show up, and the twins decided to literally turn on the charm.  I didn’t have my camera in my hand, but luckily, Eunice did and she turned it on my boys just in time!

IMG_2530 fans DSC_3376 DSC_3378

20 minutes before the ceremony, the twins held hands and walked the pillows down the aisle like they were supposed to (and the photographer got pictures of it!)  But then guests filled the seats and they got nervous, so we had to walk them down the aisle in the end!

IMG_2546 wedding IMG_4709 rock

Soooooo beautiful!


Fan side of the family.  My cousin was active enough to shadow the photographer and get many of the same shots, so I feel like I have a great preview of the photos to come!


I don’t know when this picture was taken!  I don’t even know who is throwing my other baby (Gabriel, is that you?)!!!

IMG_20140628_180259904_HDR js3 IMG_20140628_180254017_HDR js2 IMG_20140628_180250598 js1

It’s true… when you have kids, you forget to be in pictures yourself.  Or you don’t get enough sleep and sub-consciously feel self conscious at your busted, swollen left eyelid (yup, when I say you, I mean me, womp womp)  But the bride and bridegroom look youthful and radiant!!  I can’t choose between the three of these pictures.

Margaret and me IMG_2579 guys

On this day, I had decided to be one of those “live in the moment” non-camera people, but that’s totally not me!  I am a “live in the moment and remember it always by scrapbooking/blogging the pictures I took” person!  I’ve managed to get enough pictures from other people to be satisfied, but I don’t think I’ll make the mistake of not using my camera again.  And I’m relieved to remember that I asked a family friend to take a family picture for us at sunset with his huge camera, so I hope to see those shots soon!

IMG_2572 sarah 2 IMG_2557 sarah

I’ll continue to beg for pictures from other people and if I get enough good ones, I’ll do another post with wedding pictures in a month or so  😉


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