Turtle Power

Hmm, where do I start?  Another 6 AM adventure with Betsy at the Aloha Swap Meet for some flea market shopping.

IMG_20140629_075823010 swap meet IMG_2595 ukulele

I really wanted to buy a ukelele but it was too impractical for traveling with.  Most of the tents were still in the process of setting up so our options were limited but we still managed to find things and ended up with a lot of sea turtle paraphernalia…trivets, magnets, and earrings.


We stopped back at the house to rouse everyone and continued on to First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu.  We wanted to see the Pali Lookout on the way, but it was way too rainy and cloudy to see anything.   And yes, those are the newlyweds in the group picture; they went to church the day after the wedding!

 IMG_20140629_104157175 zoo IMG_20140629_110652984 music

The church had a 4th of July celebration after the service with food tents, petting zoo, music, and huge bouncy slide.

makalepuu beach P1080084 tan lines P1080090 fam pic

We stopped by a beautiful lookout over Makapu’u Beach…this dress gave me terrible tan lines (I applied sunscreen too late!)  I kept my fancy wedding hair up-do til after snorkeling.

P1080095 monk seal

The tide was too low at Halona Blowhole for the water to shoot up and out of the hole, but I saw a monk seal swimming nearby!!  Pete stayed in the car with the napping twins.

P1080109 spitting cave P1080108 portlock P1080103 selfie

Hanauma Bay’s parking was full so we drove past and took turns hiking to look for the Spitting Cave of Portlock.  I got caught up in phone calls regarding evening party plans at the house, so I didn’t look for the cave, just sat on the rocks and enjoyed looking at the layers of volcanic rock.  Pete hates taking selfies so I feel compelled to post the one he took!

IMG_2619 hanaumaWe turned around to try to get into Hanauma Bay again, but the parking lot was full…I could feel us giving up and just going home, but I really wanted to go!  (Everyone else was already there, too, not having made all the stops we did!)  The parking attendant said that they parking lot usually has spots by this time in the afternoon, but they hadn’t received the call to remove the sign yet, and to try back in 5 minutes.  So we stopped at a shooting range, used the bathroom, waited 5 minutes, and, sure enough, the “lot full” sign was gone!  And it was sooooo worth it!

IMG_1855 tree DSCF0339 snorkel DSCF0431 dive DSC_0490 kids

There were 7 adults and 4 kids, so we took turns playing with the kids on the beach and breaking in our snorkel gear.  Teddy and Timmy were able to say “Anna” and they were all so adorable in the sand and in the water together.

DSCF0353 snorkel DSCF0368 fish

Betsy and I were nervous, but it turned out to be amazing…

DSCF0415 sea turtle DSCF0409 sea turtle

SEA TURTLE!  I got excited and accidentally let water into my snorkel but valiantly stalked the turtle with the camera for a good while before handing it over to Betsy.

DSCF0423 sea turtle 2

And we were headed for shore again when we saw SEA TURTLE #2!  We followed that one for awhile, too.

DSC_0091 packing

Timmy watches me pack, and weigh, and repack, and weigh, over and over again.  IslandAir has a weight limit of 16 lbs for carry-ons; otherwise, they charge you to check it in, so I had to at least get our four carry-ons down to 16 lbs each.  Margaret kept me company and laughed at my semi-delirious state (church youth retreats all over again).

IMG_4777 pong

A case of beer had to be finished off…no problem, unless you’re me and you can’t hit a cup to save your life!  They made me stop playing–I was that bad!  ;P  So I got in the hot tub, a good way to start and end the Oahu portion of the vacation (no time for the hot tub in between!)


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