Punchbowl and Plane ride

Last stop before the airport: Punchbowl National Memorial

IMG_20140630_101445704 Punchbowl IMG_20140630_102219918 memorial

Peter and boys, bona fide Sons of the American Revolution, pose by a plaque dedicated by that organization.

IMG_20140630_102521317 Caleb IMG_20140630_104343424 bench

IMG_20140630_102855505 crater
I love the trees that grow in this crater.

IMG_2639 goodbye oahu

We wave bye to Oahu.

IMG_2656 sign

IMG_2651 luggage IMG_20140630_150932450 tired

We had an alarming amount of luggage between 7 adults and 2 toddlers!  Timmy demonstrates what happens if you don’t buckle him in during his nap.  Once again, we had plans for the arrival day (after all, it was only 2 PM), and once again, we crashed at the house after stopping by Costco, finally emerging for a great dinner at Chicken In A Barrel.


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