Northwest Kauai

The next morning, we set out to explore the area west of our Princeville house

IMG_2671 Hanalei DSC_0142 dragon

Hanalei Bay.  Looks like the face of “Puff, the Magic Dragon” to me!

DSC_0522 coast IMG_2683 roots

 At the Kahalahala portion of Lumaha’i Beach.  We’re peeking through the holes of this uprooted tree that is somehow still growing!  Can you see me and Betsy?

DSC_0512 lava IMG_2677 steep

Holding on to each other…the path back up was really steep

DSC_0121 Lumahai DSC_0133 coffee

Famous Lumaha’i Beach  //  Relaxing at the Na Pali Art Gallery & Coffee House

DSC_0146 sand DSC_0541 tunnels

Tunnels Beach, supposedly good snorkeling that we’ll have to come back for!  This place is so remote; we saw  very few people while we were out this whole morning.  It’s already Pete’s favorite 🙂

 DSC_0154 maniholo dry cave IMG_20140701_105752999_HDR roots

Manini-holo Dry Cave.  Uh-oh, have to get back home to get ready for our snorkel boat tour…we’ll have to come back out for the wet caves and Ke’e Beach later.

IMG_2661 world cup

While we were out, the twins tried their best to keep Al and Caleb from watching the World Cup.

IMG_2967 golf course

After the snorkel boat tour (which will be the topic of the next post), Al, Betsy, and Caleb golf at the Princeville Golf Course.

IMG_2951 caleb

He’s new to this…

IMG_2956 princeville IMG_2931 rainbow

See the rainbow?  Love this place!


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