Snorkel and Sail

Between our group and my extended family that also went to Kauai after the wedding, we chartered the whole catamaran!  NaPali Sea Breeze Tours really lived up to expectations (thank you, “The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook”).  This tour departs from the north, so you get views of that gorgeous part of the NaPali coast, and it is small enough to go into sea caves, but it’s not as small as a raft which would have made people seasick.  And, it goes to the better snorkeling hole than the boats that depart from the south.

DSCF0671 group IMG_2747 cave

View from inside a sea cave.

DSCF0633 photobomb 2 IMG_2818

Legend about daddy and baby pterodactyls turned into stone; see the profile of the head at the top center?

IMG_2784 dancing waterfall IMG_2829

A helicopter flew low and through this arch in some famous movie… impressive!  😛

IMG_2759 waterfall DSCF0653 fast

IMG_2784 dancing waterfall DSCF0555 cousins

DSCF0621 ukelele DSCF0597 snorkel

After snorkeling, we had lunch and our guide sang and played ukelele!

IMG_2853 sun DSCF0641 more sun

The sun came out for a bit on the way home!

DSCF0614 haha DSCF0622 pale

Okay, black & white is the best I can do…I don’t have the advanced tools to photoshop skin tone, haha.

IMG_20140701_165450938 sawyer

And the other tour guide who drove us to the boat…was Sawyer! (another LOST reference)

Thanks to Mom & Dad who managed to watch TNT for 5 hours!


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