Waimea and the south side

The next morning we saw Kauai by helicopter (I’ll post those pictures later).  “We” did not include Peter and the twins, so we drove all the way up Waimea Canyon so they could also see the amazing “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

IMG_20140702_120259605 waimea

Waimea Canyon

DSCF0688 canyon 2 IMG_20140702_124319783 kalalau

IMG_20140702_124528960 kalalau

Kalalau Valley

In the meantime, everyone else golfed, and we met up afterwards to explore the area around Hanapepe.

IMG_20140702_144222401 swinging bridge

Hanapepe Swinging Bridge

 DSCF0718 buried DSCF0701 beach IMG_1900 teddy selfie IMG_1902 timmy selfie IMG_20140702_151058759_HDR palm

Salt Pond Beach, where they still evaporate sea water to get salt the old-fashioned way

IMG_3581 glass beach

Glass Beach, where the waves have pounded pieces of glass from the nearby dump into tiny bits of sea glass…if only I could post a video of some of us collecting the “sand”

IMG_4919 shave snow IMG_20140702_185042097 gecko

Poipu, where a gecko in the light fixture kept the twins amused while we went shopping.  You’ll have to imagine how they said “gecko” in their cute voices.

IMG_20140702_193735480_HDR sunset IMG_20140702_194253128 spouting horn

Spouting Horn at sunset


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