In search of Turtle Cave

Another 5:30 AM adventure, this time hiking along the shelf of lava rocks.  It was the last chance for my cousins to encounter a sea turtle, and on the boat trip, the captain had pointed out “turtle cave” and told us how to get there.

IMG_20140703_073818540 lava hike IMG_20140703_073924043 lava hike IMG_20140703_073933654 uncle

We did not know where we were going.  Our guardian angels in the form of two snorkelers assured us that we were on the right path, and they had seen a turtle in the cave just the day before!

DSC_0546 hike IMG_3598 edge IMG_20140703_071659885 cousins

However, the tide was high enough that it required a swim.  They all had the foresight to wear swimming suits, while Betsy and I must’ve been too tired to think at 5 AM.  So we stayed back with the big cameras and sent the boys off with the waterproof one.  Did we sit around and take pictures of each other?  Maaaaybe…

DSCF0724 turtle DSCF0727 turtle 2

Success!!  They saw the turtle lying on the sand, just before it got up and swam away.

 IMG_20140703_075527206 hike IMG_3605 rainbow

Faint rainbow

IMG_1917 golf

Golfing by the airport after dropping off a third of our group to fly home.

IMG_20140703_110214941 kamalani 2 IMG_20140703_105920231 kamalani 1 IMG_20140703_111249699 kamalani 4

In the meantime, we went Kamalani Playground at Lydgate Park, “conceived by the children & built by the people of Kauai”

IMG_20140703_110320352 kamalani 3 IMG_20140703_112037197 kamalani 5

Absolutely gorgeous playground, covered with these mosaic designs and wood carvings.  turtle, turtle, turtle!!

IMG_20140703_112346043_HDR trees IMG_20140703_115507682_HDR tree IMG_20140703_114849599 beach

Lydgate Beach Park; two coves encircled by huge boulders to let in the fish for snorkelers but to keep out the big waves.

The day’s only half over, with more turtles to come…  have you lost track?  We’re on Kauai, Day 4  🙂


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