Queen’s Bath & Peacocks

IMG_3805 waterfall 1 IMG_3809 waterfall 2

Another 6 AM hike along the lava shelf to find Queen’s Bath.  We saw two little waterfalls along the way.

IMG_3849 queens bath

Yay, found it!

IMG_3820 queens bath

Ready to snorkel…

IMG_3833 no way

no, just kidding.  The waves were way too big and we were definitely deterred by the sign with the number of people who have died here.


What my postcard says it’s supposed to look like while calm.

DSC_0272 sunscreen DSC_0271 sunscreen

Teddy got into the sunscreen.  I think he’s telling me that he’s all ready to go out.

IMG_3864 rainbow hanalei IMG_20140705_090432107 banana j farmers IMG_20140705_091721690 smoooothie

Rainbow over Hanalei Valley Lookout as we drove out today // Farmer’s Market // Yummy smoothie, Teddy approved!

DSC_0761 opaekaa falls IMG_20140713_094257756

Opaekaa Falls.  The water flow is much smaller than in the postcards; due to lack of rain, I think.

DSCF1056 kamokila 4 DSCF1055 kamokila

IMG_3875 kamokila 1 IMG_3934 kamokila 3

DSC_0771 peacock DSC_0775 peacock 2

There were so many peacocks at Kamokila Hawaiian Village and we followed them all around the place until one finally opened up.  We didn’t do anything to make it open; rather, I think it opened up because it wanted us to take pictures and then leave it alone.

DSC_0784 peacock 3

Kamokila Hawaiian Village offers various small excursions, and we had wanted to do an outrigger canoe ride along the Wailua River to Secret Falls, but since it was the day after the 4th of July, the person who would have been our guide had called in “sick.”  Booo.  Turns out he arrived as we were leaving but told us that it was too muddy for the two year olds to hike to the waterfall.  We were on our way to the next adventure anyhow–a train ride at the Kilohana Plantation (I think a disproportionate number of places start with “K” on Kauai)


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