Kilohana Train and Anini Beach

DSC_0831 train DSC_0851 train

Train ride at Kilohana Plantation.  We almost didn’t make it, and called ahead to have them hold the train just 2 more minutes!  (they probably would have anyway, because things aren’t so punctual on “Island time”)  It was well-narrated and we saw lots of different Hawaiian plants: Koa trees, rainbow eucalyptus, tahitian gardenias, cashew trees, and all of the tropical fruit plants (yes, I wrote it all down as I took pictures, because otherwise, I’d have ended up with a bunch of random plant pictures).  I really appreciated the tour because I knew we wouldn’t have time to visit any of the botanical gardens on this trip.

IMG_20140705_112310897_HDR kilohana 1

Halfway through, the train stops and they give you bread to feed to the wild pigs and goats!  Aside from the free-range chickens roaming everywhere, wild pigs are the next most populated animal on Kauai.

IMG_20140705_123028648 hee fat IMG_20140705_130303142 acai bowl

POG (Passion, orange, guava) Shave Ice at Hee Fat General Store, and Acai Bowl at Juice Bar & Cafe (well, in the car in the parking lot of Juice Bar & Cafe)

IMG_20140705_123337777 glass

Betsy and I were looking for Christmas ornaments and came across this store of beautiful, tropics-inspired glass pieces (just looking, not touching…)

IMG_3959 artsy golf

Very artistic golf shot!  And while Al and Betsy were golfing, we did the “short” walk/hike from our rented house to the beach.

IMG_20140705_152339384 hike

Wow, walking with beach gear and two 2-year olds?  It wasn’t very short…  we almost didn’t make it…

IMG_20140705_163008425 cousins IMG_20140705_172633992_HDR cousins

IMG_20140705_162719892 cousins IMG_20140705_165938839 baseball

 Of course it was worth it!  We are with our cousins at ‘Anini Beach.  Teddy is playing baseball with a stick and piece of coral, old school 🙂


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