There’s no place like home

A few last minute shots of the beautiful gardening and vegetation at the house in Kauai: IMG_20140707_080452210 house IMG_20140707_080504414 houseP1080156 porch P1080157 garden 1P1080158 garden 2

Breakfast on the screened-in porch overlooking the front lawn… first and last meal out here, since I didn’t have any 6AM adventures left!

IMG_20140707_092118431_HDR airport

Harnessed up at the Kauai airport.  Yes, the bag of goldfish crackers did accidentally fall and 1/4 was spilled into the bushes behind them.  “uh oh…”

IMG_20140707_105958872 luggage

If only I could bring you as my carry-on…we might fly more!

IMG_20140707_111852228_HDR airplane

Excited for take-off!

IMG_20140707_121333990 walking

Yup, wearing his Christmas pajamas again.  I tried, I really did!  I was 3/4 successful (only 1 Christmas top out of 2 tops and 2 bottoms)

IMG_20140707_121519880 gate

What…?  Our airline’s ticket counter is the farthest away at the Oahu Airport.

IMG_20140707_143208680 killing time

And our terminal is the farthest away from the ticket counter!  We would not have made it without Uncle Al!

IMG_20140708_071854173 asleep

Finally…on the plane back to the mainland and knocked out before it even takes off.

IMG_20140708_205605545 swimming

Showing everyone their best imitation of how the grown-ups snorkeled in Hawaii. 🙂


Yay our Hawaii shirts (and sea turtle PJs from Old Navy for T&T.)


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