Hershey PA

The weekend after we returned from Hawaii, we took the twins on another road trip to meet up with a friend.

IMG_20140712_103958926_HDR P1080202

Knitting my Hawaiian yarn from Hanalei on the road trip.


First stop: Saturday’s Market, Pennsylvania’s largest Indoor-Outdoor farmers and flea market.  Yummy bbq and I found just the watch I was looking for!

P1080241 P1080235


They’re not old enough to appreciate Hershey Park and even the kiddie rides probably would have given Pete vertigo, so we took them to Chocolate World for their first amusement park ride.  The one where you sit in a moving car and learn how Hershey’s chocolate is made and then get a treat at the end.  The singing cows were a hit!  (No candy for the twins, though!)


We had a great time at the timeshare’s pool!

DSCF1174 DSCF1183

DSCF1186 DSCF1190 DSCF1205 DSCF1201



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