Close calls at Leesburg Animal Park

July 31st, a trip to Leesburg Animal Park with our twin friends

leesburg animal park horns

teddy feeding timmy feeding

It took a lot of convincing, but they finally fed the animals (my iron grip on their hands had nothing to do with that…haha)


Fun, old-fashioned, slightly rusty, freestanding see saw!  Room for two more passengers:

twin friends 1 twin friends 2 seesaw

And that’s when the fun ended. waaah!


We lost one of the other twins and found him (phew!) in the bounce house with attached (and very steep) slide!

steep slide teddy flip

Heart stopping flip by Teddy (he was okay, didn’t even cry!)


We love Curious George, but this little and cute tamarin made Timmy cry just by looking at him too hard.

choo choo

All aboard!  Happy conductor Timmy and happy caboose rider Teddy.

bird show

Watching a bird show about parrots before heading home.


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