August Days


TNT’s aunts, little aunts, and little uncles (the aunts are too young to be great-aunts!)

teddy drums timmy drums xylophone


action bucket head mask

Just when you thought we were starting to look different!  Yes, we are having FUN.

crowns bats

Wait, those crowns go on your head?  (Courtesy of Congressional Plaza’s Mommy & Me)


Teddy is my very industrious tomato picker!  He only goes for the red ones, and won’t even look up for the paparazzi lurking among the plants.

friend1 friend2

We’re so lucky to spend our last summer days with various teacher friends before the busy school year starts again! (left-sushi! right-Potomac Library Storytime)

friend3 bounce saw 1

At Woodley Gardens Park, we encounter our first non-seesaw that merely bounces (I suppose it’s safer?  Or maybe they’re too light to make it go?)  And across the street…


my friend introduces me to the wonderful world of Carmen’s Italian Ice, where there is a small area for kids.  I looked around to see what was causing all the beeping and saw my little surgeon at work.

friend4 bounce saw 2

And another day at another playground (Dawson Farm Park), we find yet another non-seesaw and try to see if we can bounce our snack cups off of the middle piece.

friend5 noodle

A raft of noodles at my friend’s community pool

curious george

Mommy soon has these Curious George books memorized, lent by Auntie Betsy and Jessica…


But when they’re live, they still make Timmy cry.  The rest of us thought it was SO cool to see the orangutans walk across on the tightrope at the National Zoo, though!


No monkeys at the county fair, but it was that teenager in the full chicken costume that scared Timmy!  You just can’t win!


The day I let them each mix their own chocolate pancakes.  5 min later, they had batter in their toy colander.  5 min after that, it was in their mouths and all over their faces…I had to take it all away before there was nothing left to fry!

deep end

Scaring mommy by playing at the edge of the very deep end of our friend’s pool (it was short lived!)


He must miss his sleep sack.  If he had fallen asleep in there, I would have let him sleep on the floor!


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