Train Days, Gaithersburg Community Museum

window exploring

awww, Teddy is holding hands with Matthew and exploring a new train car.  oops, too new, it wasn’t set up yet but the door was open for a reporter who took our pictures.  She gave me her card and on the website, I found pretty much the same picture of my boys looking out the window (even though we went to train days on August 2, not Sept 20): and


Fun toy trains and tracks, puzzles, and coloring to do in this train caboose!  Standing on the stools was all fun and games until Teddy fell off the stool…and then I was that mom who let her kids do something dangerous and then had to hightail it out of there with a crying child. 😦

schoolhouse stove

Cute one-room schoolhouse exhibit in the Gaithersburg Community Museum.


Playing around (but not climbing!) the 1918 Buffalo Creek and Gauley #14 Steam Locomotive


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