September Activities



leaf painting

Painting leaves (and foreheads) in anticipation of fall


Writing! With our help, of course.

tomato gatherer

Get to work!  This guy loves his tomatoes.

leaf rubbing

Leaf rubbing at Rockville Town Square’s “Mommy and Me (and Daddy, too)” and Daddy was with us!

row row wingspan

Together, we make a turkey vulture!

raspberries twin sets

Raspberry picking with our twin friends


Sunny smiles in the sunflower field

wedding photo booth

Great decision to leave the kids at home!

guys friends bride and groom

Bride and Groom came to our little HS reunion the next day!

mac shirt

Thanks to Auntie Cindy for the shirts from Apple!  “User guide not included” is right!


We do play-doh and work out at the same time.  I think he’s just trying to impress Auntie Sarah because he has missed her!

brick house your turn

Auntie Sarah is the best!  Can’t you stay longer than a week?  😛

first chopsticks

Chopsticks for kids at Love Sushi, made with rolled up paper and a rubber band!


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