Gaithersburg Outdoor Concerts

We decided to boys were big enough to enjoy some free outdoor concerts in Gaithersburg!

the sweater set moon

On Sept 5th: This duo, “Sweater Set,” was really good!  The folksy vibe was up my alley, and they played an assortment of instruments: guitar, banjo, ukelele, flute, accordion, kazoo…

sky tnt watching

The boys were interested, and the sky & moon beautiful!


Sept 12: Another interesting band, “8 Ohms,” at Rio Washingtonian Center.  This jazzy group played mainly brass instruments, guitar and drums.  T&T ran in crazy circles, stopping once in a while for a bite.  I only managed to get this one photo when Uncle Al caught them for a sec.


Sept 19: The second Gaithersburg Backyard Concert featuring a magician and a cappella group, The Chromatics, singing about science and technology.  The concert had been moved from the planetarium; otherwise, we could have used the telescope there!  Another time… 🙂


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