Meet “Coppa”


My brother’s sweet puppy, Copper!  Timmy and Teddy call him “coppa.”

petting coppa coppa potty training

Don’t take any potty training advice from Coppa!

bmore1 bmore teddy

Inner Harbor.  Yes, Teddy was only balancing solo for a second before I made someone scoop him up!

bmore caleb bmore timmy

Timmy actually ducked under the rope and tried to touch the display of this original wooden ship wheel.  A second later, a guy in uniform is coming to talk to me.  I started apologizing, but he was only telling me that they were about to do a cannon firing demonstration down by the pier…

bmore2 bmore ship

We didn’t plan to come for this, but in celebration of the bicentennial of the Star-Spangled Banner, ships were coming in all day for the week-long “Star-Spangled Spectacular.”  We were here on the first day, September 10, and it was really nice (and hot) to walk along the boardwalk and see all the different ships.


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