October silliness

table1 table2

Playing under Al & Betsy’s dining table like little puppy dogs

squash carrot bucket

Little gardeners hard at work.  Just realized that all the pictures are of Teddy.  I think he likes it a little more.


Shark!!  (at the aquarium)

pushup lounging

Timmy’s trying to get in push-up position, at least! // Lounging at the dockside restaurant in Baltimore

sharing puppet show

Share a bite of apple! // Teddy is giving a puppet show in the church nursery

pumpkin painting pumpkin painting2

Painting pumpkins…and faces…and hands…and clothes

owl1 owl2

Hoo made these owls?  Mainly mommy, but they pressed the eyes on…


The eyepatch usually gets pushed out of the way so that they can use both eyes.

balloon 1 balloon2

They loved these helium balloons from our pastor’s baby shower.  They lasted for days…and then one went missing…and all the fighting over the remaining one made the other mysteriously disappear, too 😉

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