Leaf Peeping

We had been watching the leaves change and decided it was time to take a drive.  October 25 was a gorgeous day (that’s right…costume pictures will finally be the next post!)  First stop: Middletown, VA

battlefield passport

Getting a stamp for our National Parks Passport book at Cedar Creek National Historic Park.

mansion mountains

Belle Grove Historic House…we didn’t think the boys could last through a 1-hour tour, especially at lunch time, so we stayed outside for the views.


And we discovered pockets!  And filled them with gravel rocks!


“Ribbit!” they loved this little frog in the garden of Cristina’s Cafe in Strasburg, VA.  This is after we let them loose from our tight grips in a lovely local art store, Shenandoah Valley Artworks.

guitar man well behaved

We ate inside after discovering that there was live guitar music!  People around us looked askance when we walked in and chose a front row seat, but Teddy and Timmy hardly made a peep (I know my boys love guitar!)  A woman at the table behind us gave us some nice feedback, too. 🙂  The guitarist was excellent, as was the food (#1 on Tripadvisor for this small town)


Drove up a mountain in Woodstock, VA, and hiked a short way to the Woodstock Fire Tower.  Well, Timmy hitched a ride ;P

firetower firetower2

Views of mountains on one side and a few bends of the Shenandoah River on the other (without leaves, you can see 7 bends of the river from here…I had no idea it was so serpentine at this point!)  Teddy kept walking too close to the edge, hence my death grip when I finally scooped him up.


And Teddy insisted on walking up all 4 stories of steep metal steps by himself, and (even worse), back down by himself!

stick bug

I don’t know how, but Pete spotted this stick bug so we watched it for a bit.

hiking back

Everyone’s walking back!

shades kiss

Not for long though.  Kiss!


Craft Fair along Fort Valley Rd in historic Trinity Brethren church (truth: I had too much water and needed a bathroom break), but I did really want to buy the beautiful handmade cutting boards, wooden bowls, and mailboxes!  I ❤ small towns!


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